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Does Promise require a particular faith for admission?
No, we accept children from all faiths.


Will my child receive biblical instruction?
Yes, your child’s education includes explicit Bible instruction from the Old and New Testament.


What is your student-teacher ratio?
We maintain a student-teacher ratio of 4:1 within the elementary classrooms. The Promise Prep Program maintains a student-teacher ratio depending on the type of instruction.


Does each child have an IEP (Individual Education Plan)?
Yes. Our staff develops each student's traditional IEP after their first quarter of attendance. We will access information from their existing IEP and/or testing as well as perform our own evaluations to implement the best plan for them.  IEPs are working documents that are updated throughout the school year. Each year thereafter, IEPs are reevaluated during the IEP review process.

What services do you offer?
Students receive occupational therapy, speech and language services and training in the activities of daily living. Our elementary students enjoy music through STAGES and our Promise Prep classes participate in handbells. 


Do you provide a lunch program?

We provide the option to purchase hot lunch or students may bring a lunch from home.

Can we implement our own private therapist at Promise?
Yes. With approval from the staff, your private therapist may come to Promise to work with your child. All financial negotiations with your private therapist must be dealt with externally.


Does Promise use ABA?
Many families find success with their children at an early age using the ABA model. Promise strives to foster interaction between student:student, student:teacher and group dialogue using functional communication.


What are school hours?
8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Do you provide before-school care?
Staff is present in the building by 8:15 a.m.

Do you accept a primary diagnosis of behavioral or emotional disorders?
At this time, Promise is not equipped to handle these diagnoses.

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