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Welcome to Promise Christian Academy!


Celebrating every student that comes through our doors, believing that each child is full of potential, is at the core of Promise.  In discovering each child's unique strengths and abilities, we are able to partner with families in a team approach which includes our teachers, therapists and staff.  We provide the structure and tools necessary for our students to succeed.

Students, after attending Promise for only one or two years may gain the skills they need to move to a more traditional academic setting. Others might progress into vocational programs. All of our students are learning how to live in community with each other and how to interact with the world outside of Promise.

Our desire is to discover a better way of educating children with special needs. We want parents of children with special needs to know that they are not alone. There is hope for a brighter future for children who are differently-abled.

It is our joy to be a part of their success!

Meredith Heintz

Head of School

Our Philosophy
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By blending academics with faith and multiple therapies into each school day, Promise Christian Academy builds an on-ramp for life for its students with special needs. Because we believe that God does not make mistakes, we affirm the innate value of every child. Our work is to discover and cultivate each student's potential.

Our History

A question started it all:  “For the sake of your Jesus, won’t you teach my son [who has autism]?” One month later, Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian Church began planning a school to teach students with special needs.  In 2004, Promise Christian Academy opened its doors with two students.  After growing quickly and several moves as a result, Promise finally settled at its present location. In 2015, Promise purchased property adjacent to its present location and is in the process of beginning construction in 2018.

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