• We embrace differences

    We embrace differences

    “We have finally found a school that meets our child’s educational, social, and physical needs.” -Promise parent

  • We Celebrate Each Child

    We Celebrate Each Child

    “Promise believes in educating the whole child: mind, body and spirit.” -Promise board member

  • We Partner With Families

    We Partner With Families

    “Promise offers something that we cannot find anywhere else: academics in a safe, nurturing environment!” -Promise Parent

  • We Strategize For Success

    We Strategize For Success

    “Promise students are equipped for greater academic and life success because they are engaged in multiple therapies including intensive occupational therapy, activities of daily living, and speech and language services.” -Promise teacher

  • We Strengthen the Community

    We Strengthen the Community

    “Promise teachers and therapists are helping our children to learn to do for themselves.” -Promise parent