The following is my letter of appreciation to the faculty and staff at Promise Christian Academy:  

Our family attends Christmas eve service every year at our church. It has always been a bitter-sweet time for me: I love this special service at our church, but every year I also feel heavy-hearted because Daniel is never able to sit with us for the service.  He can be so loud (as you all know!), scripting and vocalizing and getting upset (even louder) when we say “Shhh” or “Quiet voices.”

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As my daughter, Monae, was about to graduate from the elementary school she had been attending for 6 years, I started researching schools that could meet her special needs. I wanted a school that would continue to teach her about how precious she is as a unique child of God! I wanted a school that would give her an education in basic life skills and give her confidence in her God given abilities. I found that and so much more in Promise Christian Academy! The best part of all is that she has a spring in her step as she walks into the building in the morning and a beautiful, big smile when I pick her up in the afternoon! She is happy, so I am overjoyed!


Promise Academy is a gift from God! School used to be very stressful for our son (and for us as well). He simply didn’t fit into a traditional school program. Now that he is at Promise, he is no longer stressed about school. He looks forward to each new day. Instead of floundering, he is flourishing academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. He loves his teachers, his classmates, and what he is learning. The progress we see fills us with hope. If your child has special needs, you could not find a better school than Promise Academy.


We love Promise Christian Academy. They’ve given new meaning to the term Individualized Education Plan. For the first time, our son is receiving the education that he needs. Not only is he receiving an outstanding education, he is loved at Promise. They see him as a beautiful creation, made in the image of God. Promise has also given our son the gift of friendship. For the first time in his life, he has friends. The students at Promise care for one another, cheer each other on, and love one another. How does that happen? The teachers model this love and friendship to the students. Promise is so much more than academics. It has changed our son’s life.



Our experience at Promise Christian Academy has been such a blessing in our lives.   We weren’t even sure what we were looking for until we walked into the door. There is no other school like it and although we sacrifice a lot to bring him to Promise, (we live 45 miles away) there is no question it is worth it! It is such a warm, calming place where children of many “abilities” are learning together. The staff helped our son to try new things like the Sensory Motor Zone, stand up desks and weighted vests, all in the first weeks! The best part to me was that no one was operating from a “legal perspective” as far as what the law said they had to provide my child, but rather a “loving perspective” which meant we will keep trying new things until we find what works! We went from just an appropriate education in the public school to the best education at Promise! They recognize that our child was a gift from God and that although he learns and behaves differently, he is not broken. That meant the world to us. 


Our son, James, has autism. Despite his condition, he still has hopes and dreams and aspirations, as do all young people. Promise is focused on growing in a welcoming, safe, caring environment. It is a faith-based, nurturing place for these most special young people. 

In addition to the academic environment, the young people have an opportunity to grow and socialize. We are so pleased that our son has friends. He talks about his friends and their daily activities. He even tries to kid around and make jokes, a very special event for a person with autism.

Most importantly, these children are loved. As Saint Paul said, “faith, hope, and love abide, these three;  but the greatest of these is love”.  Promise is all about love.