Success Stories

Promise Christian Academy is extremely proud of its track record for improving the quality of life of its students who are differently abled. Our students have multiple diagnoses, the most common being autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or fetal alcohol syndrome. Promise is one of only a handful of Christian schools in the nation that specializes in educating these children. We combine individualized educational plans with classroom learning, high nurture, and several different therapies, producing incredible improvements in each student. Parents frequently testify that their children's doctors and extended family members are astounded at the progress of Promise students.

For example, one student is reading, doing vocabulary, adding and subtracting, and assembling one hundred piece puzzles. His former school had told his parents that he would never be able to do any of those things. Another parent told Promise staff, "I just want to have a conversation with my son before I die." Now this boy not only converses, he also calls his father on his cell phone.

A further example concerns a younger female student who struggled with sitting still, was extremely picky about food, and had trouble with manners and interacting amicably with anyone. Her grandmother told Promise staff that she is amazed that her granddaughter, after only five months of attending Promise, can now sit at the table with the whole family, enjoy eating a variety of foods, and even listen while the grandmother reads Paddington Bear books to her.

Finally, Promise graduated our first student in May 2014. Then, in September 2014, Promise hired her as a classroom assistant to the youngest students. Promise faculty and therapists work tirelessly to build the dignity, high self-worth, and independent living skills in every student. Promise believes in educating its students in mind, body, and spirit.

Our Approach