Occupational Therapy

At Promise Christian Academy, students receive daily occupational therapy that provides a strategic, individually crafted, sensory diet.

Sensory Motor Zone (SMZ)

SMZ helps Promise Christian Academy students prepare to learn. Twice a day, occupational therapy takes students through a fun 20-minute workout. This results in bringing more calm and better focus within the student, equipping them for handling ADD, ADHD, poor motor planning, difficulties with self regulation and challenges with attention to task.

Lunch Club... Picky Eaters Unite!:

If your child eats a limited variety of foods, has difficulties with textures, poor table manners, or can’t eat at restaurants, watch this video to see how “Lunch Club” at Promise Christian Academy helps our students learn to love food. Sample plates are frequently offered as a strategy for introducing new foods to students.

Therapeutic Listening™:

With regular use of Therapeutic Listening™ , Promise Christian Academy students improve sensory processing, motor planning and attention to task. Our therapist and teachers agree that this specially engineered music therapy is a “game changer” for most students.

One-on-One: OT in the Classroom:

Our occupational therapy program partners with the teachers to bring several one-on-one therapies into the classroom at Promise Christian Academy. For instance, students learn keyboarding with Typing Pal™ and improve their handwriting through Handwriting without Tears™.

Student Clinicians at Promise:

Promise has developed a cooperative relationship with Fontbone University, the Washington University School of Occupational Therapy and the Maryville University School of Health Professions. These relationships allow student clinicians working on their master’s degrees to receive field experience, and it extends therapy opportunities to students within the Promise community. Additionally, Promise has developed a relationship with St. Charles Community College and St. Louis College of Health Careers programs for Occupational Therapy Assistants. As student clinicians work under the supervision of the lead therapist, more therapy services become available to Promise students.