Head of School

Welcome to the Promise Christian Academy website!

Promise Christian Academy is one of only a handful of Christian schools in the United States that teaches children with pervasive developmental delays, including (but not limited to) autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and fetal alcohol syndrome. Founded in 2004 by Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian Church, we provide a faith-based education for children age 5-22.

At Promise we celebrate every student that comes through our doors, believing that each child is full of potential. These children are wonderful. They love in profound and different ways. However, it is not easy for parents to raise a child with special needs: it requires a family's dreams and plans to be reshaped. Ask any parent of a Promise student--they will tell you that the journey becomes easier when Promise partners with them.

At Promise we help students to function with their disability. Some students, after attending Promise for only one or two years, gain the skills they need to move to a more traditional academic setting. Others might progress into vocational programs. All of our students are learning how to live in community with each other and how to interact with the world outside of Promise.

Our desire is to discover a better way of educating children with special needs. Our dream is to build more schools like Promise around the world. We want parents of children with special needs to know that they are not alone. There is hope for a brighter future for children who are differently abled.

For the sake of our Jesus,

Meredith Wiggers Heintz
Head of School