Our Approach

The Promise approach is collaborative
Teachers, therapists and parents strategize together and employ a myriad of approaches that help students reach new levels of success. Promise appreciates that eight area colleges and universities send their therapy students to assist at Promise.

The Promise approach is therapeutic
We believe that students are best prepared for academic learning when their sensory motor needs have first been addressed. Every student gets a minimum of forty minutes of group occupational therapy each day. In addition, speech and language therapy is geared toward developing the functional communication skills used in every day life.

The Promise approach is individualized
Each student’s individualized education program (IEP) is carried out in a high nurture classroom environment. Parents and doctors remark that they see impressive results.Classroom student to teacher ratio is 4:1, though reading and math are taught in a 1:1 setting.

The Promise approach is a good value
Attending Promise can save money and time as many of a student’s sensory, speech,social, and emotional needs are met during the school day. Parents appreciate that this frees up after school hours for other activities.

The Promise approach has measurable outcomes
One Hundred percent of students enter Promise with functional deficits (they are unable to perform activities of daily living or ADL). Evidence based evaluations indicate that ninety-five percent of our students gain functional skills at Promise that enable them to work at school and participate in the community at large.

The Promise approach changes lives
Sometimes children with special needs have trouble being in public spaces, engaging in community activities, or making and keeping friends. At Promise the teachers, therapists, and volunteers intentionally mentor the students in these areas. Parents rejoice that their children finally have invitations for play dates and birthday parties, can go on family vacations, and can even go to a Cardinals game.

Our Academic Curricula
Occupational Therapy
Speech Language Therapy